Dinkie Namaste Yoga Gacha


Released at this years RFL Home & Garden Expo, the Namaste Gacha set is a collaboration between AvaLittle and Dinkie Boutique.

The set includes an outfit and various home decor items,  the yoga mat and meditation pillow include poses and animations.    You can check them all out before playing the machine because they are all out on display in the event shop.


The Home and Garden Expo runs from Feb 13th – March 4th

Ava Little at Home & Garden Expo SLurl

Namaste Gacha Location:  SLurl





Pastel Boho


Photo 1 (top)

Avatar: Tiny Inc – Dinkie Avatar / Lilac Point
Bag: Dinkie Boutique – City Bag / Mocha
Dress: Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Janis Dress / Blush
Eyelashes: Dinkie Boutique – Mesh Eyelashes / Doll / Black
Boots: Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Suede Boots / Camel
Hair Bangs: Truth – Bangs / Straight cut narrow
Hair: Truth – Carla / Unrigged
Flower in hair: Truth – Fiji Flower left (from fiji hair pack)
Pose: Voir – 40 Sweet Shy Poses / posing hud
Necklace: Moon Amore – Sakura Necklace
Photo taken in Cherishville

Photo 2 (lower)

Avatar: Tiny Inc – Dinkie Avatar / Lilac Point
Top: Dinkie Boutique – Francine Boho Blouse / Blue
Shorts: Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Cut Off Jeans / Bleached
Shoes: Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Romy Peeptoe Sandals / Blue
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Chiyomi Mesh Hair / Fireworks
Pipe: Naminoke – Aquarium Pipe Kingyo #8
Pose: Voir – 40 Sweet Shy Poses / posing hud
Photo Taken in Pappado

Linnie in Italy


Avatar:  Dinkie (Lilac Point) by Etheria Parrott   [Marketplace]

Eyelashes: Dinkies Natural Eyelashes/ Black by Dinkie Boutique   [SLurl]

Hair:  Vic Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills   [SLurl]

Dress:  Linnie Dress / Blush by Dinkie Boutique    [SLurl]

Socks:  Dinkie Knee Socks / Dots and Lace by Dinkie Boutique   [SLurl]

Boots: Dinkie Marten Boots by Dinkie Boutique  [SLurl]

Earrings: Flower Earrings by Izzie’s

Necklace: Sakura Necklace/Silver by Moon Amore

Location: Italian Village of Ciampi, Italy, bhima   [SLurl]


Dinkie Summer


Avatar:  Dinkie (Lilac Point) by Etheria Parrott  [Marketplace]

Hat:  Straw Hat by LeMomo  [Marketplace]

Hair:  Alice Mesh Hair/Whites by Wasabi Pills  [Marketplace]

Top:  Dinkies off Shoulder Blouse / Blush by Dinkie Boutique  [SLurl]

Shorts:  Dinkies Summer Chinos/ Sand by Dinkie Boutique  [SLurl]

Shoes: Dinkie Girls Flip Flops / Blush by Dinkie Boutique  [SLurl]

Bag: Dinkies Straw Beach Bag #1 multi by Dinkie Boutique  [SLurl]


Photo was taken at Baja Norte  [SLurl]


Dinkie Boutique – Amy

UntitleddinkieboutiqueAmyTop:  Dinkie Boutique – Amy Top/ Blush

Skirt:  Dinkie Boutique – Amy Mini Skirt / Blush

Socks:  Dinkie Boutique – Dinkie Knee Socks / Pink Dots

Shoes:  Dinkie Boutique – Dinkie Martens Boots / Black

*SLurl to Dinkie Boutique Mainstore in Second Life*


November Wandering


Avatar Body:  Etheria Parrott – Make your own Dinkie Kit  [SLurl]

Head: Paws – Rat Head  [Marketplace]

Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Sylke Mesh Hair / Fireworks  [SLurl]

Dress:  Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Maxi Boho Dress / Orchid  [SLurl]

Vest:  Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Short Knit Vest / Creme  [SLurl]

Boots: Etheria Parrott – Dinkies Slouch Boots / Black  [SLurl]



Location:  Storybrooke Gardens  (SLurl)

The background features items from DRD’s Vagabond Gacha, which will be available from the March round of the Arcade.  They’re on display at Storybrooke Gardens and are gorgeous!

Avatar – Dinkies White Fur Body from the ‘Make your Own Dinkie Kit’  (SLurl)

Head: Paws – Rat Head  (Marketplace)

Ears: Frick Finkler – Mesh Satellite Ears  (Marketplace)

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Chiyomi  (SLurl)

Hair Bow:  Manic – Creepy Sweet Eyeball Bows/Color Change  (Marketplace)

Dress: Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Corey Skirt & Tee/ Pink   (SLurl)

Leggings:  Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Knit Leggings/ Dots/ Black   (SLurl)

Boots: Tiny Inc – Dinkies Slouch Boots/ Black  (SLurl)

Sloth:  Jian – Baby Sloth Collection  (SLurl)

Ear Piercings:  Suicidal Unborn – Septum piercing/ Metal   (Marketplace)

Face Piercings:  Suicidal Unborn – Bonny Facial Piercing Set/Metal/Mesh   (Marketplace)