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Dinkie August Babe


Location SLurl

Avatar:  Etheria Parrott:  Dinkies Lilac Point Siamese mesh kitty avatar    [SLurl]

Extra Eye:  Bakemonoya :  Extra eye  [Marketplace]

Piercings:  Suicidal Unborn:  Bonny/ Metal

Hair:  Wasabi Pills:  Vic Mesh Hair B/ Fireworks  [SLurl]

Hairbow:  Luas :  Pastel Goth Headdress

Top, Pants, Shoes, Bag:  Kamasa Kutanaga – Dinkies August Babe/ Pink & Blue [SLurl]

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Yabusaka Petite 3

Location: Indigo’s Greenhouse, Raglan Commons (Current theme is Enchanted Forest)  (SLurl)

Avatar: Yabusaka – Petite 3 Female Mesh Avatar   (Marketplace)

Skin: The Sugar Garden – Ikki applier for Catwa Dyana / Vampy  (matching (omega) body appliers can also be found instore)  (SLurl)

Blush: Izzie Button – Izzies Winter Blush Gift   (Marketplace)

Hair: Lock & Tuft – Major (FLF version worn, other colour huds are still available instore)  (SLurl)

Tattoo: T’ink – Toothache / Arms only  (Marketplace)

Leggings: Sn@tch – Holy Latex Leggings (Pastels)  (Marketplace)

Boots: ROC – Martens Boot High (Female)  (Marketplace)

Wings: (part of ) Evies Closet – Ariel / Petites/ White  (Marketplace)

Top, Skirt and bracelet:  (part of outfit) Bare Rose – Wannabe Fairy c2p3  (SLurl)

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Teegle Horse

Second Life Photography

Taken in the Once Upon a Fairytale Sim (SLurl)


Avatar:  Teegle Horse (SLurl)

Skin: Aten’Ka – Applier/ Blue Koi (Teegle)   (Marketplace)

Ears: Murder of Ravens – Anubis Ears  (Marketplace)

Horns: Europa – Maelus horns  (Marketplace)

Tail: Abaddon Arts – Buck Tail/ Whites  (Marketplace)

Mane:  Murder of Ravens – Moons Edge Mane  (Marketplace)

Leg Feathers:  Murder of Ravens – Unicorn Feathers  (Marketplace)

Collar:  Valiant – TH AKhal Teke Collars  (Marketplace)

Bracelets:  Valiant – TH Rigged Bracelets   (Marketplace)

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Puppets and Cats


Second Life Photography

Head:  [burd] Designs – Muffet Head (part of the Muffet Avatar)   ( Marketplace)

Body:  Utilizator – Kemono  (Marketplace)

Skin (Head): Mynx Legend – Muffet Head Texture /Stripez /Fatpack  (Colour -Soft)   (Marketplace)

Skin (Body):   Mynx Legend – Kemono Stripez/ Soft & Sand  (Soft)    (Marketplace)

Ears:  Chimera – Notched Gauged Ears   (Marketplace)

Piercing:  Suicidal Unborn – Bonny Facial Piercing Set/ Metal    (Marketplace)

Hat:  Coco – Fashion Doll Witches hat/ Group Gift  (Slurl)

Top:  Kiu – Kemono Strapless Bra/Harness  (Black)  (Marketplace)

Leggings:  Vixen – Kemono Leggings – Spider & Skeleton    (Marketplace)

Arm Warmers:  Vixen – Kemono Arm & Leg Warmers/Stripes   (Marketplace)

Cat:  Black Bantam – The Greys Alien Kitty Galactic White Female/ Abducted Gacha / Epiphany Event  (SLurl)

Puppets:   D-Lab – Puppet Witch   (Slurl)
D-Lab – Puppet Black Cat    (Slurl)

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Floral Minotaur


Second Life Photography

Location: Elvenshire – Mystical Fae Forest and the enchanted gardens of Tranquility (SLurl)

Head:  The Sugar Garden – Iris (SLurl)

Body:  Maitreya – Lara (SLurl)

Eye:  Enfer Sombre – Len  (SLurl)

Skin:  The Sugar Garden – Iris/Vamp (The skin that came with the head and the Maitreya applier in the same tone)  (SLurl)

Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Vic Mesh Hair (A)  (SLurl)

Piercings:  Suicidal Unborn – Bonny Piercing/Metal  (Marketplace)

Tattoo: Silent Sparrow – Fierce Flora Tattoo Set  (SLurl)

Bracers:  MUKA – Spike Bracers  (Marketplace)

Bodysuit:  Asteria – “Jane” Bodysuit/Harness – Sugar – Event/ Cosmopolitan (Changes Oct 8th 2016)

Horns: Jinx – Glynnii Horns – Fleur Rose (This was a Fantasy Faire Hunt Prize 2016, but similar shaped horns can be found at the store) (SLurl)

Legs:  Beastie Shack – Minotaur/White (Marketplace)