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November Wandering


Avatar Body:  Etheria Parrott – Make your own Dinkie Kit  [SLurl]

Head: Paws – Rat Head  [Marketplace]

Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Sylke Mesh Hair / Fireworks  [SLurl]

Dress:  Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Maxi Boho Dress / Orchid  [SLurl]

Vest:  Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Short Knit Vest / Creme  [SLurl]

Boots: Etheria Parrott – Dinkies Slouch Boots / Black  [SLurl]

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Hallowpup by Murder of Ravens


From the Gacha Guild Hallows 2017 Event

(Ends October 31st 2017)

All versions of the avatar come with an AO, an action hud, and a parts texture hud (that changes the colour of parts such as the paw pads, nose, eyes etc).

Top photo shows the Sparkle Daydream colour version of the Hallowpup avatar from the sparkle pack (rare).  The wings, cross eyes and leg warmers only come with the rare versions.

The second photo shows the Hallowpup avatar in the Husky Pale colour version (common), worn with the wings and legwarmers, and with tinted hair tuft.

The beautiful eyes in the second picture are by Wolfenn Store, made specifically for the Hallowpup, and can be found on the marketplace here

The unicorn horn is by Vincue.



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Dinkie August Babe


Location SLurl

Avatar:  Etheria Parrott:  Dinkies Lilac Point Siamese mesh kitty avatar    [SLurl]

Extra Eye:  Bakemonoya :  Extra eye  [Marketplace]

Piercings:  Suicidal Unborn:  Bonny/ Metal

Hair:  Wasabi Pills:  Vic Mesh Hair B/ Fireworks  [SLurl]

Hairbow:  Luas :  Pastel Goth Headdress

Top, Pants, Shoes, Bag:  Kamasa Kutanaga – Dinkies August Babe/ Pink & Blue [SLurl]

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Yabusaka Petite 3

Location: Indigo’s Greenhouse, Raglan Commons (Current theme is Enchanted Forest)  (SLurl)

Avatar: Yabusaka – Petite 3 Female Mesh Avatar   (Marketplace)

Skin: The Sugar Garden – Ikki applier for Catwa Dyana / Vampy  (matching (omega) body appliers can also be found instore)  (SLurl)

Blush: Izzie Button – Izzies Winter Blush Gift   (Marketplace)

Hair: Lock & Tuft – Major (FLF version worn, other colour huds are still available instore)  (SLurl)

Tattoo: T’ink – Toothache / Arms only  (Marketplace)

Leggings: Sn@tch – Holy Latex Leggings (Pastels)  (Marketplace)

Boots: ROC – Martens Boot High (Female)  (Marketplace)

Wings: (part of ) Evies Closet – Ariel / Petites/ White  (Marketplace)

Top, Skirt and bracelet:  (part of outfit) Bare Rose – Wannabe Fairy c2p3  (SLurl)

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Teegle Horse

Second Life Photography

Taken in the Once Upon a Fairytale Sim (SLurl)


Avatar:  Teegle Horse (SLurl)

Skin: Aten’Ka – Applier/ Blue Koi (Teegle)   (Marketplace)

Ears: Murder of Ravens – Anubis Ears  (Marketplace)

Horns: Europa – Maelus horns  (Marketplace)

Tail: Abaddon Arts – Buck Tail/ Whites  (Marketplace)

Mane:  Murder of Ravens – Moons Edge Mane  (Marketplace)

Leg Feathers:  Murder of Ravens – Unicorn Feathers  (Marketplace)

Collar:  Valiant – TH AKhal Teke Collars  (Marketplace)

Bracelets:  Valiant – TH Rigged Bracelets   (Marketplace)

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Puppets and Cats


Second Life Photography

Head:  [burd] Designs – Muffet Head (part of the Muffet Avatar)   ( Marketplace)

Body:  Utilizator – Kemono  (Marketplace)

Skin (Head): Mynx Legend – Muffet Head Texture /Stripez /Fatpack  (Colour -Soft)   (Marketplace)

Skin (Body):   Mynx Legend – Kemono Stripez/ Soft & Sand  (Soft)    (Marketplace)

Ears:  Chimera – Notched Gauged Ears   (Marketplace)

Piercing:  Suicidal Unborn – Bonny Facial Piercing Set/ Metal    (Marketplace)

Hat:  Coco – Fashion Doll Witches hat/ Group Gift  (Slurl)

Top:  Kiu – Kemono Strapless Bra/Harness  (Black)  (Marketplace)

Leggings:  Vixen – Kemono Leggings – Spider & Skeleton    (Marketplace)

Arm Warmers:  Vixen – Kemono Arm & Leg Warmers/Stripes   (Marketplace)

Cat:  Black Bantam – The Greys Alien Kitty Galactic White Female/ Abducted Gacha / Epiphany Event  (SLurl)

Puppets:   D-Lab – Puppet Witch   (Slurl)
D-Lab – Puppet Black Cat    (Slurl)