Akeruka Maia Head


Maia head by Akeruka, currently available as a group gift (until june 15th)

Skin and Eyes etc is one of the default skins that come with the head.

Shape is my own.

Hair: Ginevra by Truth (Greyscale hud)

Tattoo: Shaula Unukalhai by Letis Tattoo.


Utilizator M4 Anime Bento Head


Head:  Utilizator – M4 Anime Head

Eyelashes:  Enfer Sombre – M3 Tintable Lashes & Brows – Doty

Skin, Eyes, Eyebrows:  Hime*Dream – Nagisa Skin Mod (Pale)

Hair:  Truth – Teanna

Top: Altair – Mayu Top (Pink)

Linnie in Italy


Avatar:  Dinkie (Lilac Point) by Etheria Parrott   [Marketplace]

Eyelashes: Dinkies Natural Eyelashes/ Black by Dinkie Boutique   [SLurl]

Hair:  Vic Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills   [SLurl]

Dress:  Linnie Dress / Blush by Dinkie Boutique    [SLurl]

Socks:  Dinkie Knee Socks / Dots and Lace by Dinkie Boutique   [SLurl]

Boots: Dinkie Marten Boots by Dinkie Boutique  [SLurl]

Earrings: Flower Earrings by Izzie’s

Necklace: Sakura Necklace/Silver by Moon Amore

Location: Italian Village of Ciampi, Italy, bhima   [SLurl]


Muso Mouse


The Muso Mouse is a new rigged, Bento mesh avatar by Teager.

(From the included notecard:) 

“About this avatar:
– approximately 0.8 meters tall (comes to about knee height on a standard human)
– fitted mesh body
– bento fingers, tail, face, and ears
– jiggle physics ready (provide your own; physics layer not included)
– low complexity

This avatar includes:
– 9 skin textures
– 2 eye colors with 3 shine options each
– furred and smooth normal/bump map options
– alpha toggles
– talk jaw toggle
– 6 facial expressions
– 3 ground sits
– eyelid/blink pose control
– left and right ear pose control
– 6 tail wag options
– bump squeaker that plays cute squeak sounds when someone bumps into you!
– male and female shapes
– full dev kit: photoshop file, texture applier kit, plus full poly blend file with uvs intact
– HUD optional and can be detached once your settings are set the way you want them!”


Facial Expressions


Skin Textures


Ive been eagerly waiting for the release of this avatar, and as expected, its fantastic (Ive bought quite a few products from Teager and they’re always great quality).

You can find the avatar here: Marketplace

Photo Credits:

Top Photo

Avatar: Muso Mouse by Teager / Round Balloons: Floating Balloons by Cake Fox Decor/ Heart Balloons: Floating Balloons Hearts by Cake Fox Decor / Cupcake Box: Cupcake Box #1 by Balaclava! / Cupcake Display Case: Cupcake Display Case by Balaclava! / Cupcake on Plate: Sweet Cupcake Giver (Strawberry) by Frangipani Garden / Eyeball Bow: Pastel Goth Headress (gift) by Luas / Pink Bow and Matching collar: Princess Bow/Collar by The Sugar Garden.

Second Photo

Bows and Collar the same as above. The kitchenware is the ‘Good Ol’ Fashioned Baker’s Bliss (GOFBB) Gacha set’ by Madpea, which was made for the 2017 Food Fair

Dinkie Summer


Avatar:  Dinkie (Lilac Point) by Etheria Parrott  [Marketplace]

Hat:  Straw Hat by LeMomo  [Marketplace]

Hair:  Alice Mesh Hair/Whites by Wasabi Pills  [Marketplace]

Top:  Dinkies off Shoulder Blouse / Blush by Dinkie Boutique  [SLurl]

Shorts:  Dinkies Summer Chinos/ Sand by Dinkie Boutique  [SLurl]

Shoes: Dinkie Girls Flip Flops / Blush by Dinkie Boutique  [SLurl]

Bag: Dinkies Straw Beach Bag #1 multi by Dinkie Boutique  [SLurl]


Photo was taken at Baja Norte  [SLurl]


A Days Work


Head: Chloe by Lelutka

Body:  Lara by Maitreya

Skin: Hara Tone 00 by YS&YS

Tattoo: Sugar Rush by Speakeasy

Hair: Letti / Reds by Pr!tty

Outfit: Eve Jumpsuit (Ltd edition gift version) by Aphorism

Location:  Baja Norte    [SLurl]



Little Ramna Avatar


I stumbled across the Little Ramna Avatar today whilst browsing the marketplace, and it immediately caught my eye as something a bit different, and fun.

Its Sold by Melon Pie (Rancid Core) (who also did the chibi-Robo avatar), and is ‘Tiny’ Sized, it stands around the same height as a Tiny or Dinkie avatar.


The avatar is even cuter in person, is a full rigged mesh avatar, and comes with:

Full body Alpha
Animation overrider
Pumpkin Overalls (clothing)
Clothing HUD
Body HUD
Jump Limiter
Removable poufs for the wrists and neck.
And of course the body and head (which are seperate from each other).

The main body HUD comes with 3 sections;
Texture (which includes a 4 skin options (2 have special petal colours to match),
6 petal colour options,  10 head bow colour options,  2 pouf colour choices,  and the ability to turn off/on the petals or bow).
And Emote, which includes 12 expressions,  plus 2 eyebrow positions,  and eyes open or closed.

The clothing hud includes options for the Pumpkin overalls (included with the avatar). You can see a couple of different looks available from the photos in this post,
but with 6 overall colours, 6 blouse colours,  6 button colours and 12 bow colours to choose from (as well an off/on for the bow) there’s already quite a few combinations to choose from.

The avatar is copy and modify, and the UV maps are available to modders.

When i bought this avatar i thought it might be more of a novelty avatar i wouldn’t get to wear as much,  but i’ve really enjoyed using it today,  it moves well,  has low complexity (22,658 with Poufs, 13,666 without),  is colourful,  and with the promise of furniture and more clothing in the future,  its an avatar that will get a lot of use.

The little Ramna Avatar is available from the Marketplace here: [SLurl]

November Wandering


Avatar Body:  Etheria Parrott – Make your own Dinkie Kit  [SLurl]

Head: Paws – Rat Head  [Marketplace]

Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Sylke Mesh Hair / Fireworks  [SLurl]

Dress:  Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Maxi Boho Dress / Orchid  [SLurl]

Vest:  Dinkie Boutique – Dinkies Short Knit Vest / Creme  [SLurl]

Boots: Etheria Parrott – Dinkies Slouch Boots / Black  [SLurl]

Hallowpup by Murder of Ravens


From the Gacha Guild Hallows 2017 Event

(Ends October 31st 2017)

All versions of the avatar come with an AO, an action hud, and a parts texture hud (that changes the colour of parts such as the paw pads, nose, eyes etc).

Top photo shows the Sparkle Daydream colour version of the Hallowpup avatar from the sparkle pack (rare).  The wings, cross eyes and leg warmers only come with the rare versions.

The second photo shows the Hallowpup avatar in the Husky Pale colour version (common), worn with the wings and legwarmers, and with tinted hair tuft.

The beautiful eyes in the second picture are by Wolfenn Store, made specifically for the Hallowpup, and can be found on the marketplace here

The unicorn horn is by Vincue.



Dinkie August Babe


Location SLurl

Avatar:  Etheria Parrott:  Dinkies Lilac Point Siamese mesh kitty avatar    [SLurl]

Extra Eye:  Bakemonoya :  Extra eye  [Marketplace]

Piercings:  Suicidal Unborn:  Bonny/ Metal

Hair:  Wasabi Pills:  Vic Mesh Hair B/ Fireworks  [SLurl]

Hairbow:  Luas :  Pastel Goth Headdress

Top, Pants, Shoes, Bag:  Kamasa Kutanaga – Dinkies August Babe/ Pink & Blue [SLurl]