Newly updated and added to the marketplace and inworld, ive updated the friendship bears.

The BOM layers i made for this originally, were made before the official 1.8 BOM cat was released – i have now updated the BOM layers, added the mouf etc, and updated the notecard, so you should have everything you need for the BOM layers to work properly.

Ive kept the appliers in for those who are still using the 1.7 (non-BOM) version of the Dinkie.

To get your free update, come to my inworld store and get it from the redelivery terminal, or through the marketplace if thats where you purchased it.

Home & Garden Expo

RFL Home & Garden Expo

I have a store at the RFL Home and Garden Expo this year.

You can find me in the Dinkie area called Waffleville, i hope you will stop by and take a look.

Suzu @ Waffleville

And don’t forget to explore the rest of Waffleville and beyond, there’s lots to see, and some lovely areas to spend time browsing in.

You can find more information about the Home & Garden Expo here:

Home & Garden Expo Website

You can also see photos from the event on Flickr

Scottish Fold Ears

Scottish Fold Ears for Dinkies

Mesh ear mods for Dinkies

For Dinkie Cats 1.8

Made to match the 7 different colours of my base skins (sold separately).

Can be worn as one ear, so you can mix and match, or with both ears.

Fitted for the Standard Dinkie shape, if you have modified your head shape at all, you may need to adjust the ears a little to fit.

Includes alphas, mesh ears, and full step-by-step instructions.

Available from my Mainstore, Weelandia, and the Marketplace.

New Panda Mods

Black Panda Mod

For Dinkie Cats 1.8

BOM layers Only

Can be worn as a cat, with cat ears and tail, or as a panda, with bear ears and no tail.

Pink Panda Mod

For Dinkie Cats 1.8

BOM Layers Only

Can be worn as a cat, with cat ears and tail, or as a panda, with bear ears and no tail.

Both Mods come with full step-by-step instructions.

Available from my Mainstore, my Weelandia Store, and the Marketplace.

New Dinkie Mods

Available in my inworld store and some are available in the marketplace.

These mods are BOM only and are meant for the Dinkie 1.8 (BOM) version.

They’re perfect to use for layering other patches and markings onto, to make your Dinkie truly unique.

Also now available are some BOM Markings

The first of these are the Tuxedo patch set, and the nose fades. Both of which are tintable to create your own custom colours.

More markings will be coming soon!

Fantasy Faire 2020

I’m at Fantasy Faire again this year, one of my favourite Second Life events!

I signed up a little last minute, so i had 24 hours to get my new items ready and set up my store – eep!  But i made it, and here i am 🙂

This year i’m on the ‘Mistakes Were Made’ region, heres the SLurl to visit my store:

Suzu @ Fantasy Faire


* * Fantasy Faire 2020, April 23 – May 10* *

A Benefit for the American Cancer Society


For this year as my new items, i have 4 cute pastel Tuxedo mods for Dinkies:

I hope you will enjoy looking around my store, and at all the other wonderful creators that are at the Faire this year.

If you are looking especially for non-human avatar items, then there is a handy shopping guide on the Fantasy Faire website:  Fantasy Faire non-human shopping guide