Updated Everyday Eyeliner

Everyday Eyeliner

I have updated the everyday eyeliner (for Dinkie Cats) for a better fit for 1.9 cats.

1.8 and below is not supported.

The eyeliners are slightly different, but even nicer than before, i hope you enjoy using them!

Redeliveries were sent out to those that previously purchased the eyeliner, but if you missed yours, you can get your redelivery from a Caspervend terminal.

Available to buy from the marketplace and inworld, this pack features 6 tintable eyeliners (as shown) for Dinkie cats. They come pre-tinted black for use straight out of the box, but can be tinted any colour.

They come with an instruction notecard.

Fades and Body Tint

BOM Fades for Dinkie Cats

BOM Ear, Arm, Leg and tail fades

for Dinkie Cats 1.9


Available inworld and in the marketplace

Body Tint Overlay

For Dinkie Cats 1.9


1 layer at 50% opacity only

You can wear more than one layer for stronger colours if needed

Available in the marketplace and inworld

Summer Sale open now!

Open until midnight on Monday 2nd August (SLT)

The sale is via caspervend, so is a 30% refund sale.

If you aren’t used to this type of sale then here’s how it works; You pay the vendor full price and it automatically refunds you the 30% straight away.

Sale is inworld only at my store in Weelandia – happy shopping!

Nose & Paw tints for Dinkies

New for Fantasy Faire 2021

Nose, ear and Paw tints for Dinkies.

No longer will you have trouble getting your nose exactly the right tone for your skin! Fancy a blue nose today? No problem!

Each tint part is separate so you can tint every part of you a different colour if you wish.

Comes with 2 different opacity versions, 20% and 40%.

These tints are made to work with my base skins.

Find them on Featherfall until May 9th.

Dinkie Freckles & Blush

Released for Fantasy Faire 2021

You can find them on the Featherfall region

BOM freckle set, and BOM blush set. Both are tintable so you can have them any colour you like.